Electronics & Telecom

Department of Electronics & Telecommunication


Diploma Is Offered In The Field Of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering.

Course objective

The student will be able to understand the working and also learn the application, use and maintenance of electronic gadgets


Post three-year diploma programme, the student may go for transfer course to Engineering College through lateral entry scheme of M.P. Government. Alternatively, students may appear for degree course examination conducted by Institute of Engineers, Kolkata (A.M.I.E.) or Institute of Electronics & Telecommunication engineers, New Delhi (A.M.I.E.T.E.) They also have the option to go for placement directly.

Course Details

The student shall learn in detail basic electronics circuit, electronic devices, network analysis, microprocessor application, digital electronics, optical communication, industrial electronics, etc. For detailed curriculum, please visit R.G.P.V. website (www.rgpvdiploma.in)