Fashion Technology

Department of Fashion Technology


This course is –

For those who have creative thoughts and ideas.

For those who appreciate clothing and have good aesthetic sense.

For those who are smart, challenging and understand the effect of fashion on society and lifestyle.

For those who want to take up garment production, planning, merchandising, quality control, fashion marketing, retailing etc. as career.

For those who can use historical and traditional designs into contemporary ideas.


  1. After completion of this course student can work in various departments of apparel industries as a –
  2. a) Designer
  3. b) Pattern Maker
  4. c) Production Planner
  5. d) Production Supervisor
  6. e) Quality Controller
  7. f) Merchandiser
  8. g) Marketing Managers
  9. h) Retail Managers
  10. i) Fashion Forecaster
  11. Run a boutique
  12. Work as a free lancer

Course Objective:

To develop communication skill, designing and sketching skills, garment construction skills, ornamentation skills.

To develop ability to understand various fibers, yarns, and textiles of India and the World.

To develop ability to appreciate costumes of India and World.

To develop ability to understand working and functional areas of apparel industry, garment production, planning, merchandising, quality control, fashion marketing, retailing, computers in fashion.

Course Detail:

The course is well designed in supervision of NIFT.In three years of diploma course students are given sufficient knowledge of various fields of fashion technology and designing. Like elements of designing, principles of designing, colour theories, textures, fibres, yarns, knitting, weaving, dyeing, ornamentation, textiles and costumes of India and world, motifs, manufacturing processes, pattern making, production planning, quality control, merchandising, fashion marketing, retail management, fashion forecasting, and use of computers in fashion industry.